Inspire  (UK) Care

Developing Skills

We are very much in tune with ensuring that we provide high quality training and induction programs for potential employee and offer continued professional development by reflecting on experience to deliver a high quality care service. This is to ensure that our workforce are equipped with the knowledge and practical skills to be able to deliver quality care.

We understand the importance of ensuring that we have the right people who are interested in care are provided with the training that will allow them to enhance their knowledge and developing skills are essential in ensuring a skilled workforce competent to delivery quality care.

Below are some excellent courses, which will be available from September 2012, which our team will be able to register.

Training Course Level
Understanding the Safe Handling of Medication 2
Mental Health Awareness 2
Understanding Dementia
Equity & Diversity 2
Team Leading Knowledge 2
Preparing to Work in Adult Social Care (meets the underpinning knowledge for the common induction standards. 2
Principles of End of Life Care 3